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Mini-trend: woodland wonderland


Woodland creatures have been trending strongly in the past 2 years within interior design and fashion.  A particular animal may go in and out of style - first squirrels were the next big thing, then owls, which were followed by foxes.*  (The latest craze, apparently, is hedgehogs.)  But now, in late 2013, pretty much any forest-dwelling critter is still deemed fashionable whether it's on a pillow, ring or sweater.  It makes sense that cosmetic companies are latching on this fad with a spate of limited-edition products adorned with various woodland animals.

Last year, the always cutting-edge Paul & Joe was the first to carry over the woodland creatures trend into cosmetics with a holiday set featuring deer and squirrels nestled in lush snowy foliage.  


This proved to be the foundation for animal-themed makeup collections in 2013.  First to arrive was the Body Shop's spring collection designed by British singer and X-Factor winner Leona Lewis. 

(images from

More recently, Marks and Spencer introduced their fall Wanderlust collection.  Deer, rabbits and wood nymphs abound in a wintry forest.  (Thanks to British Beauty Blogger for her post on this collection.)



(images from

Essence also used deer in their Oktoberfest-themed collection for fall. 


(images from

And just a week or two ago I spotted this owl-shaped lip balm over at Musings of a Muse.

(image from

But the collection that really takes the woodland creature cake is Cosme Decorte's holiday 2013 collection, which I found via A Touch of Blusher.  (I would give my eye teeth for this set but I don't think there's any way for me to buy it in the States.)  The three-piece boxed set includes blush, eye shadow and lip gloss with birds, deer, rabbits and squirrels frolicking amidst star-topped trees and fanciful, swirling flourishes. 

Cosme-decorte-holiday 2013


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So what do you think of these items and the greater woodland creatures trend?  The husband and I are partial to squirrels, but I really like all little forest creatures scurrying about different design avenues, especially for fall and the holiday season.  I don't know whether it's because of their fur or because I associate them with a warm, peaceful cabin in the woods, but they evoke a sense of coziness for me. 

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