Color Connection #19
Couture Monday: written in the stars

Curator's Corner, 10/6/2013

CC logoLinks are a little tardy this week...trying to get the fall exhibition up!

- Proenza Schouler will be designing a collection for MAC in the spring.  Wouldn't it be cute if there was a palette with a PS1 bag on it, a la Dior's Lady Dior palette

- Loved this round-up of vintage celebrity beauty ads at XO Vain, especially the last one.

- "If you have a double chin or superfluous flesh, rub vigorously to wear away the fat by friction!" - as quoted in a beauty book from 1910.  Ha!  Check out more Edwardian beauty advice via Glamour Daze.

- Beautylish discusses an interesting religious corollary to Inglot's "breathable" nail polish.

The random:

- My favorite ode to fall (which I also posted last year) now has a mug to accompany it. 

- Some people, unfortunately, aren't feeling the love for decorative gourd season.  To them I say:  long live the PSL!

- Splitsider talks to H. Jon Benjamin, the voice behind Bob Belcher of Bob's Burgers.  Too bad he doesn't discuss my favorite character he played (Coach McGirk of Home Movies), but it's still a worthwhile read if you're a fan.

What's been up with you this week?

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