Book review: Lips of Luxury
Fall 2013 color trend

Once upon a time...there was Paul & Joe's fall 2013 collection

I have to be honest, this wasn't my favorite Paul & Joe collection.  It didn't feel quite as thoughtful as most of their others.  "Fairytale Autumn 2013 is a classic collection that recalls the timeless innocence of childhood fables with grown-up, sophisticated textures and tones.  Join us for an inspired, romantic makeup tale that will captivate and enthrall - because the most beautiful stories always begin and end with Paul & Joe Beaute."  Eh.  It's an okay theme, I guess, but I don't think it was executed very well from a design standpoint.  The primary components of the collection were three sets adorned with a butterfly pattern.  These were nothing special to me - I thought the butterfly on the Midsummer's Dream collection blush last year was much nicer - so I didn't purchase any.


The color choices for the cases seem odd for fall, as yellow, purple and aquamarine read much more spring/summer to me.  Plus the clever details that usually inhabit Paul & Joe's offerings are sadly absent.  It's just a plain box with some butterflies and the same text on the inside of each box.

There were also three lipstick cases, which I did buy even though I wasn't crazy about the collection overall.  What can I say, they're only $5 and I know they'll come in handy for one exhibition or another.


Oddly enough, none of these prints, including the butterflies on the sets, appeared on any of the clothes for Paul & Joe's fall season.  I looked at every collection - pre-fall, fall (both men's and women's), Paul & Joe Sister, men's spring 2014, etc. and these were nowhere to be found.  The fact that these prints seemingly came out of nowhere, coupled with the lackluster idea behind the collection, makes this among my least favorite Paul & Joe releases.   But their holiday collection is full of cuddly kittens, so I have no doubt they will regain their footing come December.  ;)

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