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Summer's not over yet! L-Space for Stila

Fall is just a few weeks away and we're already getting glimpses of holiday treats, but I'm stubbornly clinging to summer.  I was searching for a picture of Stila's vending machine for last Friday's post.  While I couldn't find one, I managed to stumble across this new (?) palette that was the result of a collaboration with swimwear line L-Space.  Stila artists did the makeup for L-Space's runway show at Miami Fashion Week, so I'm assuming that's how the collab came about. 

Here's a short behind-the-scenes video of the look Stila created:


And here is the palette itself.  While I don't think it's incredibly special, it was definitely cute enough for me to buy as one huge weakness of mine is Stila girls.  And it will make a nice addition to a summer exhibition. 


Oddly enough, while the blush colors seem to be similar to those used in the runway show, the eye colors have more of a bronzey tone rather than the pale, slightly whitish cast applied on the models backstage.  In fact, when you go to the Stila website, it suggests using Kitten (super metallic champagne) and Opal (sparkly white) to get the eye shadow look rather than the shades in this palette.


The Stila girl is clad in an L-Space bikini - the "Dolly" fringed bandeau top and cut-out bottoms.

(image from

Since I don't shop for swimsuits very often despite my love of the beach, I was entirely unfamiliar with L-Space.  Having browsed through their suits, however, now I see that fringed tops are the line's trademark and what makes their suits unique from other swimwear lines, so it's fitting that they put the Stila girl in one. 

All in all, a cute palette...I just wish Stila would get back to making round cases again.  :)

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