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MAC Illustrated, part 3: Rebecca Moses

The final installment in MAC's 2013 Illustrated collection is brought to us courtesy of fashion designer and illustrator Rebecca Moses.  This was a large Nordstrom-exclusive collection containing several lip color sets and brush sets, along with two color kits.  I picked up the Brown Face Kit.



I liked seeing Moses' signature on the mirror.


About her illustrations, Moses states, "I think it is all about the ability to create color.  There is a dreamlike quality to watercolor.  But in the past couple of years I have fallen in love with markers and pen.  But I have learned to blend markers in a way to give me a similar movement of color that I do with paint and now I use all the mediums together....Color is fundamental, moods are exaggerated, body language strong, and the attitudes are large...My work has become more humorous and spirited...I like being able to laugh at oneself."  In looking at her work, I find her assessment to be quite accurate.  Bold yet harmonious color combinations and strong lines give Moses' women a certain intensity.  At the same time they're distinctly feminine and sophisticated. 


Moses cites Modigliani as one of her favorite artists, and I think there's a definite resemblance between the two artists' women, particularly in the slightly tilted heads and elongated oval eyes and necks.  Compare this ad by Moses:

(images from trafficnyc.com)

To these portraits by Modigliani (Jeanne Hébuterne with Hat and Necklace, 1917, Jeanne Hébuterne Sitting, 1918, and Portrait of Margherita, 1916):

(images from wikipaintings.org, royalacademy.org.uk, and commons.wikimedia.org)

As for the MAC collection, this palette and other pieces showcase some comparable illustrations to Moses' previous work.  Her signature swirling black ribbons appear in this illustration she completed to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Marie Claire Italia magazine, similar to those she drew for the MAC sets.


I don't know what client this particular design was for, but it's nearly identical to the pattern on the MAC palette - just sans lips.


And this illustration for Icon Magazine actually does include both lips and eyes:

(images from trafficnyc.com)

While overall I liked the collection, I do wish it would have depicted fully-drawn women instead of disembodied eyes and lips.  The level of detail that goes into most of Moses' patterns on the clothing worn by the women in her drawings and her use of color are the strongest aspects of her work, and it's unfortunate that the areas where she really shines were not included in the MAC collection. 

What do you think?  Did you pick up anything from this collection?  And of the three artists featured in the MAC Illustrated series this year (Anja Kroencke, Indie 184 and Rebecca Moses), which was your favorite?

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