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Curator's Corner, 8/3/2013

CC logoThis week's links.

- Nivea launched a website that lets you choose your own cap design for their lip balm.  The sheer amount of themes is staggering, and at the moment you can even buy a balm with a design by Rebecca Minkoff.  (via British Beauty Blogger)

- Here's a fun game - seeing how many of the 50 products Allure names as their top beauty products to "buy before you die" you've actually tried.  I've tested out 20 on that list, which took me by surprise - I thought it would have been more.

- It's early August and yet we are already seeing holiday goodies!  Rouge Deluxe shares a stunning makeup set from Clé de Peau, while Chic Profile has the scoop on an adorable Minnie Mouse-themed collection from Anna Sui.

- Apparently Smurfume is a thing.  Yes, a Smurf perfume.  This is even more ridiculous than the Too-Faced Smurfette highlighting palette from a few years back.

The random:

- Horror movie fiend that I am, I've been waiting to see The Conjuring since I spotted the first trailer back in March, so I made it out to see it today.  Chances of me sleeping this week:  not so good.

- But maybe the newest arrival to our plushie family will console me!  Superman Babo wasn't supposed to reach us till the fall, but he showed up early. 

Superman Babo

We have so many Babos now...I think the official count is 14.  One can never have too many though!

What have you been up to this week?

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