MM Musings, vol. 12: Where's my audience?
Couture Monday: Michael Kors Beauty

Curator's Corner, 8/24/2013

CC logoLinks for the week.

- Been hearing a lot of buzz for Armani's new Rouge Ecstasy lipstick - the first CC ("color and care") lipstick on the market, which is apparently an "incomparable skincare lipstick that combines high-impact color with the ultimate comfort of a moisturizing balm." Not sure if I believe the hype as it sounds like a fancier version of tinted lip balm, but I'm willing to try a few shades. ;)

- Enjoy this slideshow of art history-inspired nail art.

- A reminder not to steal from Sephora - not only will you be arrested, you make the rest of us beauty junkies look bad!  Still, it's somewhat impressive this woman almost managed to abscond with nearly $3,000 worth of stuff.  Even if I wanted to shoplift from Sephora, I could never get that many products into my hands without the salespeople noticing - every 5 seconds a different one asks if I need help.

- Beloved '90s brand Jane Cosmetics is back.  Surprisingly, this one of the few things from that decade that I can't recall. 

- This is cool:  a multi-faceted exhibition that combines fashion and perfume.

The random:

- Feast your eyes on these butter sculptures.  I also got a kick out of these muffin top cupcake molds.

- Another Basquiat collaboration.

- In mermaid news, the statue of The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen turns 100.

- I always link to an interview with one of my idols...can't wait for the new album.

- And, of course, I always link to Glossed Over's annual Vogue live blog.  Great insights expressed with truly hilarious snark - it's a must-read.

What were you up to this week?

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