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Five-year anniversary GIVEAWAY!

Celebrating 5 years!!


Well well well, look who made it to their fifth birthday!  Five years ago today I introduced the Makeup Museum, and I must say I'm a little shocked I stuck with it as long as I have.  While there have been posting gaps here and there for good reasons (wedding planning) and bad (crippling running injury) for the most part I've been pretty consistent. 

Let's take a look back with some stats.

Number of posts to date:  708.

Number of exhibitions: 16.

Number of times I've mentioned the coffee table book, website overhaul and physical space for the Museum:  approximately 3,000.

Number of times I've made progress on any of the above:  zero.

Number of staff members added since the Museum started:  nine.

Now for some collection highlights.  I picked 5 of my favorite pieces/collections from the past 5 years.  These aren't ALL of my favorites by any means but I just chose five in keeping with the 5-year theme.  :)  Here they are in chronological order.

Shu Uemura Tokyo Kamon Girls cleansing oils (2009):


Dior  Tailleur Bar palette (2010):


Chanel Byzantine palette (2011):


Paul & Joe Meow! collection (2012):




NARS Andy Warhol collection (2012):


Happy blogiversary to the Makeup Museum!  Here's to another five years (or more) of talking to myself.  :P 

p.s. The fun isn't over yet - I'll be doing a giveaway to further celebrate, so stay tuned for details.  ;)

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