Curator's Corner, 7/7/2013
MM Musings, Vol. 11: Photography in museums

Paul & Joe summer 2013

Paul & Joe's summer 2013 "Beach Baby" collection doesn't entail the most impressive design, especially given Paul & Joe's other seasonal offerings.  However, I thought two pieces were worth picking up from a collectible perspective - the UV Pressed Powder compact (which, for some inexplicable reason, wasn't available in the U.S.) and the blotting sheets.

The powder compact features tiger cubs rendered in a blue floral print against a green jungle landscape.  Would it be a Paul & Joe collection without cats of some kind?  I think not. 




The other noteworthy piece was the blotting sheet case, outfitted with rows of dolphins against a yellow background.


Oddly enough, while some prints in the makeup line are borrowed from pieces from Paul & Joe's fashion collection, usually it's the women's fashion.  The dolphin print, however, did not appear in any of the women's clothing; instead, it's from a pair of men's trousers. 

(image from

DOLPHIN PANTS!  That is undoubtedly the strangest phrase I've typed in a while.

Did you buy anything from this summer's Paul & Joe collection?

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