MAC Illustrated, part 2: Indie 184
Curator's Corner, 7/27/2013

E-bay finds featuring Shu and Sephora

As a collector, I'm forever trying to fill the gaps in the Makeup Museum's holdings.  Most of the time I look to E-bay to find long-lost products and vintage items.  So I thought I'd share two good recent finds today.

The first is the Seoul cleansing oil by Tsuyoshi Hirano for Shu.  I was initially sad that all three cleansing oils weren't going to be available in the U.S., then two of them were, but I was still bummed about the third one lacking in my collection.  Well, lo and behold it popped up on E-bay so I pounced.



Something I'm always on the hunt for are old Sephora catalogs.  I found this set of five from 2004 in excellent condition.  I'm still looking for any from 2005 and any from 2003 and earlier.


It was fun to go through and see what brands they had back then.  Remember Dessert by Jessica Simpson?


While I wasn't sad to see that brand disintegrate, I was a little disappointed when Sephora stopped selling Paula Dorf (it still exists, but Sephora dropped them ages ago.)  While it never knocked my socks off, for the most part this is a quality line.


And then we have this lovely Paul & Joe lipstick - too bad I wasn't collecting back then!


What's also fun is to see old trends and how much they get recycled.  For example, this is the cover of the fall 2004 catalog, and I feel like houndstooth is EVERYWHERE for fall 2013.


"Rich, warm cabernet" nails are always in for fall as far as I'm concerned.  It didn't photograph well but this shade, which was new back in 2004, isn't so different from all the oxblood we saw last fall.


Do you hunt for makeup on E-bay?  You do have to watch out for fakes, but I think it's pretty fun seeing what pops up.  

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