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Curator's Corner, 7/27/2013

CC logoSo many great links from this week and last...enjoy. 

- In beauty history:  Beautylish shares an overview of punk makeup, while Glamour Daze brings us the average woman's beauty routine from 1916.  And Beautiful With Brains provides another incredibly fascinating excerpt on skincare from a 19th-century magazine.

 - The Beauty Stop outlines five beauty trends best left to the runways (or, in the case of two-tone highlights and hair poufs, 2002 and the Jersey Shore, respectively).

- Meli at Wild Beauty dishes on her experience at the Bite Beauty lab in Soho.  Given her positive review and my affinity for staying at the Mondrian Soho when I'm in NYC, I think my next jaunt up to the Big Apple will have to involve a trip to the lab for a custom lipstick.

- Olivia at The Unknown Beauty Blog invents a little makeup game involving tarot cards.  I hope she keeps it up because it's tons of fun!

- Temptalia tells us all about the collaboration between OCC and artist Gail Potocki, which debuted at the San Diego Comic Con.  While green lips aren't exactly wearable except maybe on Halloween, I admire the thought that was put into the concept.

- Loved the story behind the old Revlon Fire & Ice campaign, along with the updated 2010 ad at Part Nouveau.

The random:

- I desperately want this beautiful mermaid print by Sam Battersby (bonus - it's got jellyfish too, another one of my favorite sea creatures!), thanks to the Jealous Curator.  Actually, I want, like, all of her mermaid prints.  They're small enough that I could probably fit them all somewhere.

- Speaking of mermaids, Bitch Flicks discusses whether the film Splash, which spurred my mermaid obsession as a child, is feminist or not.

- In other movie news, Clueless turned 18 this week.  I'm totally buggin'!  If you're so inclined, check out the nail art inspired by this classic '90s film.

- The Oatmeal provides some amusing commentary on distance running.

- Did someone say Pizza Olympics

- Must get to the Charmery, Baltimore's newest ice cream store, pronto.  In the meantime though, last week I made a delicious vanilla-honey ice cream to go on top of my very first pie!  I bake a lot but pie has always intimidated me.  Then I found these excellent posts by Smitten Kitchen and decided to go for it.  It came out pretty well, I think. The crust was a little overdone even though I used a pie crust shield, and I didn't realize I should put the crumbly topping on UNDER the lattice top instead of over it, but it was very tasty (sorry for the crappy cell phone pic):


- Finally, please say hello to the Makeup Museum's newest staff member, Mathlete Babo!  This was a total surprise from Uglydoll.


Mathlete Babo will be the Museum's senior accontant.  ;)

What's been up with you this week? 

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