Color Connection #16
Not the SAMO: Basquiat and Addiction

Curator's Corner, 7/13/2013

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- UK chain Marks & Spencer introduces a Downton Abbey-themed makeup and bath and body range.  I'm  greatly amused as most middle/upper-class women wouldn't have painted their faces in that time period - at least, not until about 1925 or so, and I think the series' start took place in 1912. At least Marks & Spencer kept it relatively restrained by including lip glosses and balms in somewhat subdued colors, and the packaging is nice. 

- I would have loved to have sat in on "Beauty in a Digital World", presented by graduates of FIT's Master's degree program in Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing and Management.  Wait, WHAT?!!  There's a whole Master's degree program for that?!  While I'm not sure I necessarily want another Master's, and despite the fact that I have no business background, I'm greatly intrigued by this program.

- People are very fond of reminding me that makeup doesn't last forever.  Vintage makeup expert Captain Spaceburger provides proof.  However, I don't think this is actually THAT bad, and I also think unused cream products can last for decades.  

- Lipstick Queen founder Poppy King will be launching new lipsticks for fall.  That's not earth-shattering news, but what I am interested in is the packaging:  "The Velvet Rope collection will include five lipsticks encased in retro gold tubes and blue velvet packaging, which is all a nod to the Hollywood glamour of the '40s."  Oooh!

The random:

- See, my '90s nostalgia isn't a bad thing!

- These pizza portraits are great, but I'd still probably want to destroy them by gobbling up every last slice.

- The Baltimore Fishbowl gives us the inside scoop on the favorite hangouts of the cast and crew of The Wire.

- While I don't think The Julie Ruin is quite as amazing as Bikini Kill or Le Tigre (so far, anyway), Kathleen Hanna seriously can do wrong in my eyes.  Love her so much!  Check out the video for "Oh Come On".  

- I'm trying to cut down on my Lululemon consumption since I just have so much stuff, but I spotted these new shopping bags at Lulumum and promptly went to buy something, anything, just to get one.  (I limited myself to some socks).  The sales woman went to put them into a regular shopping bag and I was like "No!!  I must have the Sea Wheeze bag!"  She was a little taken aback.


Yes, that is a mermaid perched on the logo and doing the mermaid version of Warrior pose.  MERMAIDS!!

How was your week?

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