Color Connection #15
Couture Monday: Alber Elbaz for Lancôme

Curator's Corner, 6/23/2013

CC logoLinks from the very busy past few weeks. 

- Proctor and Gamble created a beauty "time capsule" of the products and trends from the last 100 years. 

- So this is exciting - Jill Tomandl, the woman behind the design and packaging of some of Stila's recent creations, is following me on Twitter!  Maybe now I can talk to her about writing a book together on the brand's famous Stila girls.  ;)

- The summer solstice was just this past Friday, but we're already getting glimpses of more fall collections.  Two that have caught my eye are Dior's Mystic Metallics and Lancome's L'Absolu Desir.

- Bellasugar had a nice roundup of summery vintage beauty ads.

- Desperately want to read this article on the fashion and beauty collaborations so popular nowadays...unfortunately I lack a subscription to WWD.  Sigh.

The random:

- Finally, a dose of honesty in Disney movies.

- Two conflicting articles on sleep:  one saying what I've been saying for years - you really DO need 7-8 hours a night for optimal functioning, and another saying that the occasional all-nighter is actually great for creativity and problem-solving.  Eh.  While I would like to be more creative, I'll stick with my 8 (okay, 9-12) hours of sleep a night.

- Speaking of sleep, did you stay up to see the "supermoon"?  So cool.

Hope everyone enjoyed the solstice!!

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