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Scenes from the AAM conference

AAM 2013

Can you guess where I was earlier this week?  Yup, the American Alliance of Museums 2013 annual meeting!  I had been wanting to attend one for years, but when I saw that the 2013 conference would be right here in Baltimore I decided to pony up the dough and go. 

I felt oh-so-important picking up the official conference program and name badge:

AAM program

I attended a few sessions that I thought might be useful for the Makeup Museum, including these:

AAM session

AAM session2

And hit up the expo:

AAM expo

I visited the bookstore on the last day, it was pretty picked clean by that point.  Oh well.

AAM bookstore

All in all, while I didn't find it tremendously helpful (due to the fact that the Makeup Museum isn't quite a "real" museum like the others that were represented at the conference) most of the sessions I attended were at least interesting and did give me some ideas.  I probably won't attend again though until the Museum is an actual organization.  What would be awesome is if there were a conference just for burgeoning museums that would have sessions with step-by-step instructions on how to start your own museum.  I also wish I could have taken my Communications Director with me because he could do the difficult task of networking, but I thought it would look a little strange.  ;)

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