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Couture Monday: A luxurious stay with Givenchy

Monday is almost over, but in honor of all the spikes and studs I witnessed at the Met's Chaos to Couture show, I wanted to take a look today at this palette from Givenchy's Hotel Privé spring 2013 collection. 

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According to the press release, the collection was inspired by "the various French hotels [International Artistic Director] Mr Degennes stayed in, their atmosphere, colours, materials, the feeling of comfort they give."

The design on the palette is a play on Givenchy's signature prism motif, which appears on many of their other products including blush, eye shadow and lipstick. 

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To my eye, the repeating pattern of the metal prism in the spring 2013 palette gives it a very punk, edgy feel while still retaining the elegance the house of Givenchy is known for (hey, the guy DID dress Audrey Hepburn).

Indeed, the punk vibe wasn't just my imagination.  The Chaos to Couture show included several pieces by Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy, including this suit with gold prism studs from the fall 2007 collection.



For once, my punk obsession proved to be right on track! 

While I didn't think the palette was special enough to purchase for the Museum, it was definitely worth a mention.  What do you think?

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