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Quick post: color matching technology

As someone who is endlessly fascinated with color and tries to find exact shades to match whatever I'm inspired by at the moment, this new app from China Glaze is pure genius.  Basically it allows you to take a picture and get a nail polish match for it instantly. 

My favorite examples of the app in action came from the cheeky writers at Jezebel, who took many an amusing picture to get a color match for things such as Plan B pills, Mitt Romney's tan, and a tabloid headline. 

(image from jezebel.com)

I, of course, put the app to a more noble use:  matching the fur of one of my beloved Museum staff members.


Anyway, I think this is one of the greatest apps ever.  I don't use many apps because I tend to think most of them are useless, but I think every cosmetic company should offer this.  Just think of the possibilities...you could get a lipstick that perfectly matches your favorite coral t-shirt or a blush the exact same delicate rose of a Laduree macaron.  Plus it would be infinitely useful for foundation matching.  This is, of course, assuming the color matches that the app provides are totally accurate.

Maybe I'm just tired and delirious from my longest run to date this morning (16.25 miles!) but I am in love with this app.  What do you think?  It's free, so if you haven't tried it already give it a spin!

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