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Couture Monday: O YSL, where art thou?

Normally I try to showcase pieces that are worthy of the Makeup Museum.  Every once in a while though, I feel the need to call out a company on shoddy, unimaginative work.  I have been displeased with Yves Saint Laurent for years now, and I'm not sure why they consistently have been releasing such boring palettes.  Are they having some sort of identity crisis, perhaps tied to the re-branding of the company to drop the "Yves" in the name?  Or are they just not trying at all?

Here are some examples of palettes that I found disappointing.

Fall 2010 and spring 2011:


 This absolutely abhorrent mess:

YSL.facebook palette

Holiday 2012 - a sequined case does not a collectible palette make:

(image from allurabeauty.com)

Sadly, their lackluster offerings continue with both the spring and summer 2013 lineups.  The Arty Stone collection for spring had nothing to do whatsoever with the clothes that came down the runway for that season.  The Creative Director for YSL Beaute, Lloyd Simmonds, explains the collection:  “Pink quartz, amethyst, pyrite, malachite, azurite, jade, each possesses a hypnotic beauty. When you hold them in your hands, these precious stones diffuse energy and light, like galaxies. Their crystalline purity and voluptuous opalescence were the departure point for the creation of the Spring Look 2013 for Yves Saint Laurent."   That's a nice description, but gemstones are an easy jumping-off point for a gorgeous palette (see Clé de Peau's Vintage Holiday palette and Luminizing Compact).  Instead YSL gives us an extremely boring geometic pattern, and one that also doesn't resemble their Arty jewelry line.

(image from xxymagazine.com)

Same for the Saharienne Heat palette for the summer, the case of which is adorned with an "opulent Moroccan arabesque design."

(image from becomegorgeous.com)

Even the items I have purchased in recent years I have not been thrilled with (see the spring 2010 Y-Mail palette, the 2008 Bow palette, and the fall 2012 croc palette).  I long for the days of the lovely Palette Pop, which was based on a holiday card designed by Yves Saint Laurent, or the fabulous Opium palettes.  I wonder why Mr. Simmonds can't do something great with the fashion YSL is known for - how about a palette with a Le Smoking jacket embossed on it?  This would be a big improvement to the rather mundane tuxedo collection from holiday 2011. 

I have lost faith in this brand at the moment.  Let's hope YSL can find their creative footing again.

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