Couture Monday: Tie one on with Dior
Lovin' from the MAC oven

Clarins spring 2013

To brighten up this gray day I thought I'd share a little floral happiness from Clarins.  The spring 2013 face palette features an embossed iris with stripes and pink and peach on either side. 






I don't really have much to say about this, except that like Karen at Makeup and Beauty Blog, I thought this was a hibiscus.  It doesn't look very iris-like to me either in color or shape.  I also wish Clarins would fill us in on where they get their inspiration.  They've been making some really gorgeous palettes in recent years but it seems they just slap something on with no explanation.  It's a little frustrating for collectors like me, who like to know about the design behind each piece.  Still, it's a worthy addition to a spring exhibition.

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