Color Connection #11
(Vintage) Couture Monday: Les Coromandels de Chanel

Curator's Corner, 3/9/2013

CC logoIs it spring yet?  Pretty please?  I just got a Nordstrom catalog in the mail and it was stuffed with spring fashion - espadrilles and sleeveless dresses and frilly skirts, oh my!  It just made me crave the warmer months all the more.  Sigh.  Soon...soon.  In the meantime, here are some links from the second week of the longest month ever.

- Why didn't anyone tell me there's a freakin' international pizza expo?!  I must make plans to attend next year.

- I was head over heels in love with this Napoleon Dynamite-themed wedding.  Just like the movie it was funny and sweet.

- The Onion takes on Baltimore.  Offensive tweets aside, the staff shows they can still write fairly funny articles. (via Baltimore Fishbowl)

- Jezebel proclaims that anyone can be a runner.  I'm inclined to agree that nearly everyone (barring certain disabilities - and no, laziness doesn't count) can run.  I'm living proof that pretty much anyone can run, what with my bad knees, asthma, and generally being the most non-athletic person on the planet who would much prefer to park her butt on the couch and read rather than do any sort of physical activity. 

Now for some beauty links.

- Wild Beauty has a thought-provoking post on whether wearing makeup is unvirtuous.  Obviously I'm firmly in the "no" camp. 

- Shiseido has already implemented the European Union's animal testing ban.  I really wish the U.S. would adopt a similar ban. 

- Loved these vintage nail polish ads over at Found in Mom's Basement.

- XO Jane has a new beauty blog, XO Vain.  I don't know why I'm linking to it since I haven't really even checked it out yet, but my sense is that I'll probably like it.

- Have you tried out any of Jo Malone's new dessert-inspired scents?  If not, you really need to if you like gourmand fragrances.  I tried all of them but the only one that worked with my chemistry (but fortunately, the one I was most excited to try) was the Bitter Orange and Chocolate.  It's absolutely delish.




I like it so much, in fact, I may have to buy another bottle (or 5) since it's limited edition. 

What's up with you this week?  And don't forget to turn your clocks forward! 

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