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A giant reminder of beauty's waste

Curator's Corner, 3/30/2013

CC logoJust cannot keep up lately!  Here are some random links from the past few weeks. 

- Beautiful with Brains shares a delightful bit of cosmetics advice from the 19th century.

- Sociological Images brings us a graph depicting how many Ph.D.s are professors.  The numbers are grim but I seriously don't care - I still want a doctoral degree more than anything in the whole wide world.  :(  The fact that I may never do anything with it is totally inconsequential.

- The more I read about this upcoming punk fashion exhibition at the Met, the more crazed I am to see it.

- The Baltimore edition of Bizarre Foods aired earlier this week.  I haven't seen it, but I am pleased Mr. Zimmern visited Woodberry Kitchen, one of my favorite restaurants.

- Refinery29 has a list of ways you can find feminism in your beauty routine, while XO Vain challenges unfeminist nail polish names.  Can't say I'm outraged...for the most part nail polish names (particularly OPI's) are clever and funny so I can look the other way on the minority that are sexist.

Anyone else loving Jezebel's '80s vs. '90s take on March Madness?  Greatest. Idea. Ever.

Happy Easter!

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