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Curator's Corner, 3/16/2013

CC logoLinks for the week. 

- SXSW took place in Austin, where The Punk Singer, a documentary on my hero Kathleen Hanna premiered.  Way back in 2011 I donated to the Kickstarter campaign to help fund the film's making, and I'm so pleased it's finally here and getting great reviews.  Of course, anything involving Ms. Hanna is going to knock my socks off, including this interview at The Daily Beast

- In other badass feminist news, remember a couple weeks ago when I mentioned the Riot Grrrl collection at NYU's Fales library is getting its own book?  Guess what, it's available for pre-order now, and there are a limited number of autographed copies.  I ordered as soon as I could so I hope when my copy arrives in June I'm on one of the lucky readers who gets a signed copy.  

- I always say that living in Baltimore could be worse.  At least it's not Detroit.  Or Cleveland.  Or any place in New Jersey.  Now I have proof - Baltimore did NOT make Forbes' list of the 20 most miserable cities in the U.S.  Take that, everyone!

- I've scouted several new-to-me blogs that are pretty amazing and align closely with the themes I try to cover at the Makeup Museum.  Part Nouveau looks at the art historical influences in fashion, while Where Art Meets Fashion examines fashion companies' use of artist collaborations.  (I want to ask the author for a copy of her Masters thesis, which "looked at the proliferation of collaborations between contemporary artists and luxury brands over the past 10-15 years, arguing that such partnerships have evolved into strategic brand alliances used as a marketing tool in order to achieve both cultural and commercial objectives for both the brand and artist (as a brand) alike."  It sounds like this could provide the foundation for an exploration of cosmetics companies' collaborations with artists, which I write about a lot.)  And The Glamourologist provides a truly unique perspective on cosmetics history and vintage makeup, as it's written by a trained archaeologist.

- Other things I'm digging include After Lately (I swear it's even funnier than Chelsea Lately) and Ben & Jerry's new Chocolate Peppermint Crunch ice cream.  I ate the entire pint in 24 hours last week and fully intend to devour another pint this weekend.

On the beauty front:

- On the heels of the Makeup Museum's Sweet Tooth exhibition, Chapstick has dreamed up a "Cupcake Creations" line, and the full information for MAC's Baking Beauties collection has been released.

- I'm endlessly fascinated with the illustrations on Tokyo Milk's bath and body products.  Now they've introduced these gorgeous designs onto makeup bags.

- You know how much I love mermaids and how I was crazy for Deborah Lippmann Mermaid's Dream nail polish last year.  Well, the brand decided to expand on that shade and is making 4 new polishes similar to it in different colors.  They'll have the same type of glitter and shimmery finish, but will come in peach, purple, pink and blue.  And they all have mermaid names!!  MERMAAAAAAAAIDS!!!!

- While that news is great, there is even greater news.  What's better than mermaids for the Curator?  That's right, Babos!!  And there's a new one coming out which we have just ordered. BAAAAABOOOOOS!!

(image from uglydolls.com)

Can't wait for him to arrive!!

What have you been into and up to this week?

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