MM Musings, vol. 8: free for all?
Quick post: Love fest!

Curator's Corner, 2/9/2013

CC logoThis week wouldn't have been so bad if my normally stellar immune system hadn't faltered and allowed some nasty bug to get in.  It's been five days of fever, headache and a horrific cough that will not budge.  As of last night the virus seems to have settled into my nose, which is at least better than the dizziness and nausea earlier this week.  I had a good run - I honestly can't remember the last time I was sick.  And even though I was/am ill, I managed to gather quite a few links. 

- Stereogum rates the albums of my all-time favorite band (yes, I'm aware they broke up in 2006...I have yet to encounter any band that so enthralls me).  Can't say I agree with the author's listing. At. All.

- Damn, my name is the "most poisoned" baby name these days?  (Thanks to my former colleague Phil for passing this along!) 

- Science has proved once and for all that plushie fans are NOT immature psychopaths.  (Via The Awl)  See, my Museum staff is totally normal!

- Also via The Awl, a new study suggests that a "safe" dose of caffeine is much smaller than originally thought.  I KNEW it!  Caffeine is evil, at least for my body.  It's also incredibly unfair given how much I love chocolate.

- Autumn at The Beheld writes an insightful post about the impermanence of our efforts at beauty and includes a great recipe for her "slammin'" vegan chocolate-hazelnut pie, which I must try making at some point!

- Threaded has an informative post on the rise of makeup in the flapper era, while Meli at Wild Beauty shares a fascinating history, complete with patent illustrations, of the eyelash curler.

- Bust Magazine asks the tough questions, including why secretary is still the top job for women.  And I don't mean the "good" kind of secretary, like Secretary of State.  I still wonder about this myself as most of my professional life has amounted to secretarial-like drudgery.

- Superbowl celebrations are still in high gear for us Baltimore residents.  Museum Advisory Committee member Sailor Babo reveled in the glory.



- Finally, I am on the hunt for a new camera and am too lazy to do much research, but I need it quickly to have it in time for the Makeup Museum's upcoming special exhibition.  I want something that's better quality than my current 4 year-old point and shoot but not anything too crazily expensive.   Any suggestions? 

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