Friday Fun: MAC Archie's Girls
MM special exhibition: Sweet Tooth

Curator's Corner, 2/16/2013

CC logoLinks for this week. 

- As you know, I don't like Valentine's Day but I did like these Baltimore V-day cards, along with these works of art rendered in chocolate and Belgium's new chocolate-scented stamps.

- 'Tis Girl Scout cookie season, and this year they've started taking credit cards.  God help me - as someone who rarely carries cash, the only thing prohibiting me previously from buying dozens of boxes of cookies was the lack of credit card capability.

- Vote for the ugliest shoes of all time at Shoewawa.  Warning:  it's going to be harder than you think!

- Worn Through takes on disaster-themed fashion shoots.

- Still slogging through The Wire (I'm early in season 4), so I appreciated this round-up of the best food moments in the show.

- Buzzfeed brings us a day in the life of a late '90s teenaged girl.  Pretty spot-on.

- Finally, posts have been short here at the Museum and things might be quiet for the next week as I make the final preparations for the special exhibition.  Here's a peek of the mock-up of the displays I'm working on.


Can you guess what the theme is now?  I gave a little hint a few weeks ago, but I think now it's clear!  ;)

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