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Another one (or three) that got away

Shu Uemura has a very exciting spring collection coming up in a few months.  There will be five cleansing oils and several palettes featuring the work of artist Tsuyoshi Hirano.  While I was digging around trying to find more information and a U.S. release date, I stumbled across these previously released super-exclusive beauties (only available at one Shu boutique in Tokyo), which are also by Hirano.  I guess these were sort of a warm-up to his designs for the spring 2013 collection.


The "Peace Happy Love Smile" collection contains three cleansing oils with illustrations celebrating the cities of Seoul, Shanghai and Tokyo.  There are three palettes with the same Tokyo Lights design as well.  I couldn't find any information on the illustrations. I will say that the figures on the bottles, surrounded by stars and flowers, look the same as the ones in his other work.


And even peeking out to welcome you at his website:

(images from

Since I still have no contacts in Japan and haven't been able to get these via ebay, I will have to add these oils to the Lisa Kohno one that I couldn't get either (I did manage to buy the Karl Lagerfeld Mon Shu girl oil - at least ebay came through on that!)  Sigh.  As for Hirano's aesthetic and previous work, I will be reporting in full on that once the spring 2013 cleansing oils get here.  :)

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