Curator's Corner, 12/8/2012
Squeee! A positively nutty holiday collection from Paul & Joe

Petals, up close and personal: Chantecaille holiday 2012

While not as impressive as some of their other animal-themed palettes, Chantecaille released a nice little compact for the holiday season.  Les Pétales de Rose highlighting powder is inpired by the "marvelously soft color and texture of crushed rose petals", while the "kaleidoscope of colorful powders blends seamlessly onto the skin, offering a subtle veil of radiance." 

(image from

This does, in fact, resemble bits of crushed rose petals.  I found an excellent comparison in the photos of Horticultural Arts on Flickr.  These images, like Chantecaille's palette, show that the beauty of crushed rose petals can be heightened by chaotic scattering.



(via Flickr)

I like this new take on the rose - a refreshing update on Chantecaille's (and other brands') usual rose-shaped powders.  Still, I go back and forth as to whether it's Makeup Museum-worthy. 

What do you think?

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