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Ghosts of Christmas Makeup Past: Guerlain Forever Gold

Do you remember last year when I started the series I call Ghosts of Christmas Makeup Past?  Well, it's back this year!  Although this year's series will consist only of 2 posts rather than an entire week's worth. 

Today I want to take a brief look at Guerlain's 2007 collection called Forever Gold. There wasn't a backstory for this as there was for some of Guerlain's other holiday collections (Les Ors, Impériales), but the packaging was quite extravagant.  Gold with a subtle sprinkling of dotted white stars perfectly represents holiday glamour and luxury.

There was the Forever Gold powder housed in a fancy perfume bottle complete with atomizer, which provided a delicate dusting of fine golden shimmer to hair and face, as well as lipstick and a gold mascara.


There was also this lovely highlighting compact.

(images from bellasugar.com)

But the item that called to me the most was the Météorites Perles in Gold Temptation.  The packaging for this looks more coppery to my eye.  But why split hairs?  It's so pretty!



For the life of me I couldn't get the lid off the container so I haven't included photos of the actual highlighting pearls, but I think they are silver and gold.

Overall I don't think this was Guerlain's most exciting holiday collection, but it certainly was very luxe and an excellent addition to a holiday exhibition. 

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