Ghosts of Christmas Makeup Past: Guerlain Forever Gold
MM Holiday 2012/Winter 2013 exhibition

Ghosts of Christmas makeup past: Clé de Peau 2010 holiday vintage palette

Part two of this year's Ghosts of Christmas Makeup Past is devoted to this gorgeous highlighter by Clé de Peau, released for the 2010 holiday season.







With flash:


The golden raised stripes look like rays of sunlight streaming down from the sky, and to my eye, have a very Art Deco feel to them.  For example, compare them to the ones on this mirror:

(image from

Or this vintage fur clip:

(image from

A detailed description of the characteristics of Art Deco period would take way too long, but here's a good little overview on the jewelry of the time (this would be the most relevant, as the Clé de Peau holiday vintage palettes are modeled after antique jewelry).

Take a peek at 2009's palette and let me know whether you prefer that one to 2010's.  Personally, while I think they're both gorgeous, I love the 2010 one more.  

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