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The last unicorn: Paul & Joe holiday collection, part 2

Squeee! A positively nutty holiday collection from Paul & Joe

Paul & Joe's holiday offering this year is a veritable treasure trove of woodland creatures, a nice departure from the usual overabundance of cats.  I love squirrels so I think even if I wasn't a collector I'd be buying this. 

The Winter Wonderland set contains a lip balm featuring a sweet little fawn resting among pine branches, a smoky eye shadow with a squirrel about to feast on an acorn and surrounded by snow-like white dots, and an eye shadow duo with another darling squirrel holding a pinecone and sitting under swirling silver snowflakes.


The metallic silver branches against the white packaging are so pretty.


It's funny how I normally hate script fonts, but I find the font on these to be utterly cute - I think it really adds to the charm of the animals and the wintry forest they inhabit.


Here's the lip balm.



With flash (note that the white dots aren't shimmer/glitter - just the dewiness of the balm):


The smoky shadow:



With flash:


Duo eye shadow:



With flash:


Paul & Joe's fall fashion line did not feature any squirrels or deer, but there were a few foresty friends.  The sweater on the left shows a family of owls dwelling in a tree, along with a raccoon and fox.  The raccoon sweater on the right is positively delightful, although I would have liked to have seen a squirrel instead.

(images from

Did you think this set was as adorable as I did?   And do you like squirrels?  (The correct answer is yes!)

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