Here's your 15 minutes: NARS and Andy Warhol, part 2
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NARS Andy Warhol Giveaway winner!

(Thanks to the husband for the awesome "Babo Warhol" pic)

Thank you all for entering the Makeup Museum's NARS Andy Warhol giveaway!   Museum Education Specialist Cookie Dream Babo is very excited to announce the winner.


YAY!  Congratulations to Emily S.!  This is very exciting!

Oh no...


"Oooh, shiny silver square cookies...these must be special for the holidays!"


I had to explain to him that those weren't cookies before he could sink his teeth into them.  He was extremely disappointed and to soothe himself, decided to take a nap. 


Emily, once I pry out your prize from his little wings and paws I will mail it!!

Thanks again to everyone who entered!

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