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Still Fresh at 21

While this post isn't technically about makeup, it does involve limited-edition packaging for a beauty brand.  I think the Makeup Museum empire will have no choice but to expand into bath and body products.

To celebrate its 21st birthday, Fresh released a trio of soaps with illustrations by R. Nichols.  According to his blog, the story of the collaboration goes like this:   "Last winter I received a call from my friend, Alina Roytberg (who also happens to be the co-founder of Fresh, Inc).  Fresh was turning 21 this year and she thought it was the perfect opportunity for us to collaborate on a project.  I love Alina and I love Fresh so I was inwardly doing cartwheels across the room, out the door & down the street.  I flew to New York where I met with the Fresh team and got my assignment.  'It all began with soap' - they told me.   So they asked me to do illustrations to capture the story and essence of 3 of their most iconic oval soaps: Sugar, Hesperides Grapefruit & Patchouli. I returned to LA, got out my scissors, glue and colored paper, and got to work.  The images just flowed out of me - and the result was pure joy."


Hesperides features a woman lounging lazily in a hammock, her shoe dangling carefree from her foot.




Patchouli depicts a couple enjoying their safari atop an elephant.




Finally, Sugar shows a couple carrying, appropriately enough, sugar cane.



Let's take a look at some of R. Nichols' other work.  I couldn't find much information about him, other than he was raised in D.C. (and attended Sidwell Friends, alma mater of Chelsea Clinton) and liked to make paper collages growing up.  Previously he designed Target gift cards and the pictures for the book French Women Don't Get Fat.

I'm enjoying the modern vibe his work gives off.  Especially since it involves makeup and shoes!  Here are some lipstick notecards:


R. Nichols-lipstick2

And this one of a shoe shopping outing:

R. Nichols-shoes

These images make fashion and beauty seem approachable and fun but stylish at the same time.  I feel as though the work of some other artists, like Berthoud for MAC's Illustrated collection, looks very haute couture and intimidating by comparison.

Additionally, even though the lines are simple and flat, Nichols manages to make the objects in his works appealing.  Take, for example, these sweets-themed birthday cards.  The cherry, sprinkles and cakes look scrumptious.


R. Nichols-madame-cake

Same with this baking-themed candle - I feel like I can practically smell that fresh-0ut-of-the-oven bread.  I think I need to buy it, since it's one of those items I can look at and instantly feel happy.

R. Nichols-baking-candle
(images from r-nichols.com)

What do you think?  And which of the Fresh soaps is your fave?

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