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Curator's Corner, 11/24/2012

Friday Fun...every day of the week

Happy Black Friday!  Instead of braving the shopping crowds today I'm staying in and doing a quick post on these delightful Juicy Tubes (lip glosses) from Lancôme.  They were released back in the summer and I'm only just seeing them now, since, for whatever reason, Lancôme did not deem the U.S. worthy of receiving them.  Hmph. 

The Once Upon A Week collection features seven Juicy Tubes, each named for a day of the week with a unique illustration.  From fruit to teddy bears to butterflies to clouds, these are guaranteed to perk you up on any day.

Once-upon-a-week-Lancome(image from

I think the playful patterns lend themselves well to the product.  Juicy Tubes are sheer, scented, high-shine lip glosses, so if Lancôme is going to put fun designs on any of their items it should be Juicy Tubes.

They are still available at one website, but it's Australian and the prices are steep - $30 each, whereas in the States Juicy Tubes sell for $18.  So I don't think I'll be picking them up right now, unfortunately.  Sure, I could just get one or two, but you know a collector like me won't be happy unless she has all seven!

Which one is your favorite?  And are you doing any shopping today?

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