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Here's your 15 minutes: NARS and Andy Warhol, part 2

Curator's Corner, 11/17/2012

CC logoI hope everyone had a nice pre-Thanksgiving week!  Here are some links.

- Mmm, New York Chocolate Show

- It was also National Guacamole Day this Wednesday.

- In local food news, Sofi's Crepes will be expanding to Fells Point, along with locations in New Jersey and Delaware.  If you haven't been to Sofi's yet you really must go.  Get the Kevin Bacon, it's amazing!!

- In honor of Movember, the Huffington Post gives us the 20 best moustaches in art history.

- A gallery in NYC is presenting a retrospective of Wayne Thiebaud's work.  I love Thiebaud, mostly because he painted pictures of cakes, which makes me happy (and hungry).

- You know what else makes me happy?  Celebrating my birthday (even though I don't like getting older).  I love mermaids and I love Babos, and my husband combined the two into one of the best birthday cards I've ever received. 

Look, it's a Mer-Babo!!


And on the back, among the many things he drew was Sailor Babo admiring a Mer-Babina (Babina is a female Babo which has not yet been produced but that we dream of):


Too cute!

And if your birthday did not take place this week, don't worry - you can still get some delightful NARS Andy Warhol presents by entering the Makeup Museum's giveaway.  :)

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