Curator's Corner, 10/20/2012
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Quick post: NARS, West Coast style

Hello!  I hope everyone survived Hurricane Sandy okay.  To brighten up this dreary, rainy, tail-end-of-the-storm day, I thought I'd share some sunny pics I took of the beautiful new NARS boutique in L.A.  Last week the husband and I went to visit some friends and I managed to squeeze in a pilgrimage to the store. 

I visited just 5 days after it had opened, so everything was pristine.  I have never seen such clean testers before!  I have a feeling that somehow they will stay that way.  I didn't take many pics because we were the only people in there so I felt a little weird, but here they are.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 4

The SA was super nice and gave me a sample of the tinted moisturizer (which I've been dying to try), and a tote bag - a collector's dream!  I didn't even ask for either of them.

NARS tote

We continued walking down the street and just happened to stumble across Charm City Cakes' western outpost.  No sign of Duff, though.

Photo 5

I have many more trip highlights but Sailor Babo will fill you in on those later this week over at his blog.  ;)

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