Color Connection #5
Quick post: NARS, West Coast style

Curator's Corner, 10/20/2012

CC logoThis week's links.

- Some great new-to-me blogs I've started following:  Wild Beauty and Deep Glamour (the latter is local - hi neighbor!) 

- Did you always have a yearning to see 330 pounds of Yves Saint Laurent lipstick in a huge rectangular sculpture?  Well, your wish has been granted.

- How cool is this design student's hypothetical packaging for a new makeup line?

- Chantecaille doesn't quite have the market cornered on elephant-themed beauty items this fall, as British Beauty Blogger shows us tweezers with an elephant charm

- If you've got a spare $120 sitting around you can get Dior's 24-karat gold temporary tattoo

- The Institute for Art and Olfaction, "a new organization devoted to the art and science of perfumery" will open in Los Angeles in March 2013.

- In other West Coast news, Fruity Lashes shares some pictures of the fabulous, brand spankin' new NARS boutique in L.A.  I just happen to be going out there later this week to visit some friends, so I'm really hoping I make it there!

- Speaking of being away, I'm taking this week off from blogging.  But I will be back next week with some Halloween fun.  ;)

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