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Curator's Corner, 9/15/2012

CC logoIt's starting to get cooler, so I got my first (and second, and third) Starbucks Pumpkin Spice lattes of the season this week!  Yummy.  Here are some links. 

- I hate pigeons - they are nothing more than rats with wings to me - so I appreciated this attempt to make them seem less filthy

- Sooooo excited for this upcoming show on punk fashion at the Met.  Must make a trip to see it.

- I really hated Kenley from Season 5 of Project Runway, but if anyone is going to team up with vintage-themed makeup line Besame, it should be her. 

- My Lips But Better talks about the latest crackdown on cosmetics product claims.

- I've seen all kinds of bizarre fake eyelashes in my day, but these LED lashes take the cake.

- The beauty blogs are wrapping up the spring makeup trends spotted at New York Fashion Week.  The big ones seem to be polar opposites:  Several blogs report that bright color was THE trend, but some say "natural beauty" is the look to have.  Guess we'll see come 2013.

- Better Living Through Design links to a very sweet story about a mom finding her son's lost stuffed animal 3 years later on E-bay.

- Finally, something really strange - I was just thinking about this '90s show and wondering if anyone else remembered it or I had just imagined the whole thing.  After all, making up a show about sock puppets seems pretty plausible for someone like me.  So I was glad to see someone else remembers Sifl and Olly and that it wasn't a dream I had.

(image from en.wikipedia.org)

You should probably watch some if you're not familiar.  ;)

I'm off to finally explore the new J.Crew and Anthropologie at Harbor East.  And maybe grab yet another Starbucks Pumpkin Spice latte.  :)  Have a good weekend!

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