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Curator's Corner, 8/4/2012

Quick post: On the road to Morocco with ArtDeco

I'm greatly enjoying the patterns on ArtDeco's Marrakesh Sunset collection, but like Marcelle's Riviera Maya collection, the inspiration seem to be confused.  Here are the prettiest pieces.

Bronzing Glow blush:


Bronzing Powder Compact:


And the Beauty Box, containing two eye shadows:

(images from

What I'm puzzled about is the use of paisley.  Typical Moroccan patterns are more like these:

(image from

Paisley, however, originated in India (a fine example of it used in makeup is Chanel's Route des Indes palette from earlier this summer).  So I'm not sure why ArtDeco is using a paisley pattern for a Moroccan-themed collection.  While the designs are visually appealing, I will not be picking up these items for the Museum.

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