Curator's Corner, 8/11/2012
First glimpse of NARS Andy Warhol goodies!

Going Fauve with Sonia Rykiel

I'm not sure why fashion brand Sonia Rykiel's makeup line is only available in Asia, but I do know that it's not fair!  Animal prints are shaping up to be even bigger than usual this fall, but Sonia Rykiel got a head start by releasing a leopard-tastic collection, named Fauve, for summer.  I'd love to get my hands on the eyeshadows.



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I've already given a brief lesson on Fauvism way back when I posted about Yves Saint Laurent's 2005 Fauve palette so I won't rehash it now.  I will say that I think it's odd that Sonia Rykiel released this collection while leopard print made zero appearances in the brand's 2012 summer and fall runway shows.  I also think the pattern is less feral than the Fauve moniker would suggest - these look more like sweet kitten pawprints rather than ones made by a ferocious jungle animal.

What do you think?  I do love leopard print and these palettes would fit in nicely with several exhibition concepts I've been contemplating, but I don't think I can get them easily here in the States so I may not pursue them.

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