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Curator's Corner, 9/8/2012

Quick Friday Fun: Benefit the Perk-Up Artist palette

Oh, Benefit.  You're at it again with a cleverly-named palette with a hilarious retro image.  Say hello to the Perk-Up Artist, a kit for concealing and brightening that will refresh a tired-looking face. 



It was the video that really cracked me up though.  In just under a minute, Benefit manages to poke light-hearted fun of the slightly sleazy pick-up artist stereotype, the cheesier aspects of the '70s, AND tell you how the palette works.

(images and video from benefitcosmetics.com)

I don't think Benefit has had anything this funny since the Weather Girl palette, which for some reason beyond my comprehension I do not own. 

Anyway, have any of you picked up (har har) the Perk-Up Artist palette?

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