Color Connection #2
Curator's Corner, 9/1/2012

Friday Fun: Back to school with Hello Kitty

While I'm sad the summer is ending, I do love back-to-school shopping.  The Curator has always thought of herself as a scholar - the type who feels at home on a college campus and keeps her schedule in an academic calendar.  Whether or not I ever was a true scholar is up for debate.  But one thing's for sure:  there's nothing I love more than the school-inspired prints that crop up every fall, as they indulge my fantasy of being an egghead professor.  Thus I was pleased to see this Hello Kitty Head of the Class collection.  It features two palettes with a houndstooth print (as I was assembling the Woven exhibition, I wondered why no makeup companies had done houndstooth yet) and our girl Hello Kitty decked out in deliciously nerdy, thick-rimmed black glasses.



The collection also features two compact mirrors in an oh-so-scholarly argyle print.


(images from

I don't have anything else to add about this collection, except that I am on the fence as to whether to purchase it.  I can't tell whether adding these items to a fall exhibition would make me sad about the fact that I will never have a career in academia, or if they will make me happy by bringing back fond memories of school.  Sigh.

What say you?  Will you be buying any Head of the Class goodies?

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