Stila 2012 travel palettes, part 3: Sensational in Sydney
Look who arrived!

Quick post: Mayan or Egyptian?

I saw this collection at Beauty Crazed months ago but am getting around to posting about it only now.  New-to-me brand Marcelle released Riviera Maya for their spring lineup.


(images from

Pyramid-shaped cosmetics aren't really anything new, but I am enjoying the Goddess Glow pyramid face powder since it appears to have bricks in it much like an actual Mayan pyramid.  Behold Chichén Itzá in Mexico:

(image from

However, I am slightly troubled by the fact that the eye shadow quad is named Cleopatra's Gems.  Which pyramids are Marcelle referring to - those of ancient Egypt or the Mayans?  It's as mysterious as these civilizations themselves.

In any case, the face powder is cute, although not worth owning since Marcelle seems to be confused as to the inspiration for their collection.  ;)

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