Curator's Corner, 7/28/2012
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Celebrating the 2012 games, part 1: Stila Lovely in London

I haven't been to that many places outside the U.S., but I've managed to make it to London twice so far (once in 2007, and you may remember I gave a presentation in London last year) and I can honestly say I could see myself living there.  So I was very happy to see Stila had chosen this amazing city for one of their 2012 travel palettes - in part, I'm sure, because of the Olympics.  This palette has a sportily dressed blonde in a Stila-emblazoned track jacket and sneakers (or should I say "trainers"?), complete with duffel bag and volleyball.  The background is chock full of London goodness - Big Ben, the London Eye, plus a double-decker bus and red phonebooth.


Speaking of the Eye and the Olympics, did you know that during the Games it will light up in different colors based on the city's tweets?  How cool is that?

Anyway, here is the inside of the palette:


And the quote - while I think it's fitting for makeup, I think they should have used the British spelling of "colors" to make it more authentic:


What do you think of the palette?  And have you been watching the Olympics?

Stay tuned for more British makeup goodies in honor of the Games!

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