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Exhibition follow-up: Mermaids in beauty and makeup

Curator's Corner, 7/7/2012 Happy belated 4th of July!  I hope everyone had a nice day off full of barbecuing and fireworks watching (and staying as cool as possible during this ungodly heat wave that doesn't seem to want to end).  Here's what was catching my eye the past 2 weeks.

- In the spirit of Independence Day, here's a rap about George Washington.  "He'll save children but not the British children"...cracks me up every time.

- July is National Ice Cream month, according to Serious Eats.  I kicked it off by making pineapple ice cream with caramel sauce.  Yummy!

 - Great article on how museums get visitor feedback.  I think for the Makeup Museum I'd have people leave feedback by writing their comments with eye liners and lipsticks.  :)

- I was going to do a post on Rescue Beauty Lounge's latest collection, which was inspired by an iconic 20th-century female painter (a collection that draws on an artist is always Makeup Museum gold!), but now I don't feel comfortable writing about it.  RBL founder Ji Baek lovingly created a beautiful collection out of pure admiration for the artist and then this happened.  I, along with many other art and beauty fans, am pretty angry at the situation.

- It's interesting that more men are buying cosmetics and skincare items intended for women, even though men's grooming products already exist. 

- Say it ain't so!  A whole exhibition devoted to vajazzling?!  Really?  Ugh. 

- Bloomin' Beauty had a great little write-up of '70s makeup trends.

- But the biggest news is that the Museum will be welcoming a new staff member!!!  Say hello to Power Babo!

(image from

I've pre-ordered him from E-bay and I can't wait till he gets here so I can squeeze him silly introduce him to the other staff.  I'm a little sad that I have to order these special edition Babos - I'd love to go in-person to pick them out.  All plushie owners know that even though most stuffed animals are mass-produced, the faces can vary, and I want to pick out the one with the best face.  When we're talking Babos though, they're all adorable.

What have you all been up to? 

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