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Curator's Corner, 7/28/2012

CC logoWhole lotta links this week!

How adorable are these makeup and fashion illustrations?  They're also available as gift tags and stickers! 

Beauty High gives us a nice round up of creatively packaged cosmetics.

- Also, here's a student concept for sustainable Sephora packaging

- Look, a whole post and thread about beauty based on famous artists.  This gives me an idea for a new series here at the Museum.  ;) 

- Speaking of artists, happy 125th birthday to one of the Curator's favorite artists, Marcel Duchamp! 

- Loved this article on new and old beauty contraptions (via The Hairpin).

- This new book is on my Amazon wishlist.

- Bella Sugar mentions a museum devoted to fragrance that I hadn't yet heard of. 

- So excited to see the new Bikini Kill record label and releases in honor of the their 25th anniversary!!

Some Baltimore stuff:

- Did you know we're one of the best cities for your skin?

- Pleased to see this shout-out to Bergers Cookies.

- Apartment Therapy provides an excellent guide to Charm City. 

- Here's a peek inside the new J. Crew at Harbor East.  I also need to check out the new Anthropologie.

Anyway, this was the reason my posts were so tardy this week:


As you can see, I was extremely busy on mermaid patrol.  It was so nice to get to the beach after not having been for five years!  The Curator is a huge beach bum and was very grateful her parents treated her to a few days in Atlantic City.  Yes, those are my feet and I'm wearing Dior St. Tropez polish.  :)

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