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Curator's Corner, 7/21/2012

CC logoLinks from this week and last...having so much trouble keeping up lately!

- Beautylish introduces us to a new makeup brand that recognizes cosmetics can and should be gender-free.

- I don't think all beauty bloggers are depressed, I think perhaps it's just beauty bloggers for XO Jane. 

- This Alexander McQueen-inspired dress is as good a use for gummy bears as any.

-Beauty High reports that Charlotte Ronson and Nivea have teamed up and are offering you the chance to design your own lip balm packaging

- I still have mermaids on the brain.  These mermaid tails that you can actually swim in are meant for children, but the company makes adult sizes as well.  I would totally rock one if I had access to a pool! 

- A Helmut Lang-inspired red lipstick is the result of a collaboration between online art boutique House of Exposure and Lipstick Queen.  Great color, but not nearly as interesting as the exhibit devoted to red lipstick that went along with its release. 

- I'm excited for the Olympics but even more excited for this 30-minute AbFab Olympics special.  Looks hilarious!

- Bella Sugar has a nice little slideshow of vintage summer beauty ads

- I must make a pilgrimage to the Gelato Museum in Italy.

- New MAC collection coming next spring - are you a Betty or a Veronica?

- Finally, we've got a glimpse of the products for the much-anticipated Shu Uemura/Karl Lagerfeld collaboration, coming in October.

Shu.uemura.karl.lagerfeld(image from kissandmakeup.tv)

Maybe it's the influence of my Dora-loving three-year-old niece, but the "Mon Shu" girl (Lagerfeld's take on a Japanese manga character) sort of looks like Dora the Explorer to me. 

How are you doing?  What's been catching your eye lately, makeup-related or otherwise?

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