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Couture Monday: Lacy redux from D&G

I have a little game for you.  Who wants to play Makeup Museum Curator?   Today you can!

I spotted this new collection from Dolce & Gabbana at Saks's website.  It includes nail polish, lip gloss and mascara all in sexy black lace packaging.


There's also the bronzer, which is identical (except for the outer case) to the previously released Sicilian Lace bronzer.

Dg lace 2012

The older one just had a plain gold case:

Dg lace plain
(images from

Now it's time for you to play Curator.  My question is, do you think I need to procure the newer Sicilian Lace bronzer for the Museum, along with the other items in the collection?  Or do you think the older version in the gold case is good enough?   I'm genuinely up a creek here!  The black lace on the newer version is much fancier and the other lace-topped pieces would round it out nicely, but I do have to consider that the fall collections are arriving and I will need funds for those items - why should I buy something that's virtually the same to an object I already own? 

Won't you weigh in in the comments, please?

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