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Quick post: More of the latest foundation technology

Romi digital foundationMove over, airbrush and BB creams!  There's a new frontier in foundation technology and it's called Romi Digital Foundation. 

I spotted this newfangled contraption over at Beautylish last week, which the author describes as a cross between the egg-shaped Beauty Blender foundation sponge and a Clarisonic brush (for those of you not familiar with Clarisonic, it's an electric facial cleansing brush made by the same company that brought us Sonicare toothbrushes).  According to the product description at HSN, where you can purchase it for a mere $89.99, you simply load in the foundation cartridge and click it on to apply.  The device allegedly delivers 5,000 "pats" of foundation per minute, producing a flawless finish. 

I love both my Clarisonic and Beauty Blender, so if I had an extra 90 bucks sitting around I'd be all over this to see if it really delivered.  While I think it's an interesting idea, I'm not sure it'll replace the usual sponge/brush/fingers application so many people rely on during their daily makeup routine.  After all, airbrush foundation devices do give an nice even finish, but most women don't own them (in my experience, they hire a pro to apply airbrush foundations for special occasions, i.e., their wedding day).  So while the Romi Digital Foundation kit costs much less than an airbrush foundation dispenser (usually these run about $200-$300), I still don't think it'll be a staple for most people, especially since the foundation itself is only available in three shades.

Is this "digital foundation" the wave of the future or simply another gimmick?

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