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Curator's Corner, 6/23/2012

CC logoWhew, another super busy week flew by.  Here are the links.

- Now, you know I spare no expense when it comes to beauty items, but really, Clé de Peau, a $13,000 lotion?  For heaven's sake, you could get a host of fancy dermatalogical treatments or even plastic surgery for that price, and I'm sure they'd be more effective than than a moisturizer!  At less than 2 oz. per jar, even if one bought all three jars that are being produced, it wouldn't last very long either.

- A local business writer declares Lululemon to be the winner in a battle with Under Armour, which I was glad to read.  Baltimore is such an Under Armour town but I hope the tide is turning to Lulu's favor.

- Since Pulp Fiction is the Curator's favorite movie, I greatly enjoyed this remix

- I have no idea why I didn't see this site before, but it is hilarious.

- Well, duh!  I think any makeup addict worth their salt knows how filthy cosmetics counters are, so this isn't really news to us.  I hardly ever use the testers at makeup counters and if I do, I only swatch on my hands (never my face) and make sure to thoroughly wash them afterwards.  

- Finally, last Sunday Museum Advisory Committee member Sailor Babo visited the tall ships in the Inner Harbor for the Sailabration.  You can read all about his adventure here.


How was your week?

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