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Curator's Corner, 6/16/2012

A bronzer for pandas from Lancôme

Lancôme released this very pretty, if enormous, bronzer for their summer 2012 Bronze Diva collection.  While the design isn't new, I was pleased to have picked this up seeing as how I missed it the when it was originally released with the Bronze Riviera summer 2010 collection.

The palette features a cluster of bamboo leaves and a setting sun against a textured background.   I love the Asian-inspired feel to it.




With flash:


While bamboo has been a traditional theme in Asian art for centuries, the way this particular design is silhouetted, combined with the woven texture, looks like the work of contemporary L.A.-based artist Devon Tsuno.  Tsuno works with spray paint and acrylic on handmade paper, and his most recent paintings focus on "L.A.'s non-native vegetation."

Here's a peek at some of his work from 2011, which I would dearly love to hang up in my imaginary beach house on some tropical island.

Blue Palm:




Transient Seedlings:

(images from devontsuno.com)

Do you see the resemblance between these and the bamboo bronzer?   Tell me in the comments!

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