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Izak Zenou for Sephora

Don't you just love when you come across something serendipitously?   That was the case with me last week as I was browsing Sephora for cute brush sets to add to one of my Pinterest boards.  Up to then I had no idea that French fashion illustrator Izak Zenou teamed up with Sephora to create a collection of makeup bags, brushes and a mirror. 

I'm particularly fond of the girl with the big bouffant hair - she's very Holly Golightly.



(images from

I must say I hadn't heard of Monsieur Zenou, but apparently he's quite renowned, having done illustrations for a variety of big high- and low-end labels.  He says, "I enjoy bringing a high fashion look to simple accessory items. It really dresses up your whole look." 

Here's the "Cat and Mouse" notecard set he designed for

(image from

And a notebook for Target:
(image from

He is also the house illustrator for legendary department store Henri Bendel in New York.  This particular illustration is from Bendel's website.  At the site you can click on the different departments to see bigger drawings for each one. 


Naturally I chose to share the illustrations for the beauty and fragrance departments:

(images from

While Zenou primarily does illustrations for fashion brands, he is no stranger to the world of cosmetics.  I loved the images of Laura Mercier he produced for her book The New Beauty Secrets:  Your Ultimate Guide to a Flawless Face.

Zenou.laura.mercier(images from

Stila girls + soft lines + French flair = Izak Zenou.

What do you think?

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