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Friday Fun: Happy International Museum Day!

Hittin' the road with Stila (again)

Good Lord, yet ANOTHER travel-themed palette from Stila, this time in collaboration with Nordstrom.  And like a good little Stila girl addict I bought it.  The On the Road palette features a blonde girl with a '60s hippie/folk singer thing going on, complete with floppy hat and guitar.


The inside colors are in rectangle form rather than circles.  (And once you take off the plastic on this section of the palette it can't be replaced, so as a collector I was loathe to remove it).


Not Stila's best effort - we have a location-less Stila girl, no quote on the inside of the palette and a subject (travel) that's been done by the company approximately 3,762,009 times already...but I bought it anyway because there may be a travel-themed exhibition on the horizon.  ;)

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